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Welcome to Keith Carnes website. We pray as a visitor you will become more informed of his wrongful conviction and will help to bring awareness to his case. 


Keith Carnes is one of many innocent and wrongly convicted Missourians.  He was unjustly sentenced to serve two life terms in prison for a murder he did not commit. Mr. Carnes is a victim of both Prosecutorial and Police misconduct. Misconducts and acts of corruption  which lead to Mr. Carnes wrongful conviction and imprisonment. Keith Carnes has now been incarcerated for 14 years.  

Keith Carnes was convicted based solely upon the eyewitness testimony of two witnesses. Both eyewitnesses have now come forward by sworn affidavit recanting their original eyewitness testimony with claims the former Jackson County Prosecutor Amy McGowan when involved in the case forced and coerced each of them to falsely testify against Mr. Carnes. 




Below you will read specifics concerning Keith Carnes wrongful conviction.  Mr. Carnes had a bench trial before Jackson County Mo. Senior Judge Gene Martin. Judge Martin committed several acts of judicial misconduct as he totally ignored the facts of the case and he willfully failed to perform his judicial duties.

Judge Gene Martin failed to uphold the ABA model of Judicial Conduct.

 Judge Gene Martin has not held  any of the prosecutors  accountable for their lawyer/ prosecutor misconduct in Keith Carnes case which is a direct violation of Canon 2:  Rule 2:15


The prosecutors in Keith Carnes case committed several acts of misconduct.  According to eyewitnesses the first prosecutor in the case Amy McGowan pressured the witnesses into giving false testimony against Mr. Carnes.

The prosecutors committed several  Brady violations by withholding evidence in the case.

According to documented prosecutor notes the second prosecutor in the case Dawn Parsons pressured and instructed the medical examiner to withhold his complete medical opinion during his trial testimony .

Prosecutor Dawn Parsons also withheld the complete criminal history of the eyewitnesses in the case which constitutes a Brady Violation. 

Jackson County Mo. Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has been made aware of the sworn eyewitness recantment affidavits and other newly discovered evidence in Keith Carnes case. Mrs. Baker is in direct violation of the ABA Rule 3:8 special responsibilities of a prosecutor as Mrs. Baker has refused to investigate the evidence and make said evidence known unto the courts. 


Homicide detectives of the Kansas City Mo. Police Department did not properly investigate the case.  They intentionally botched the investigation ignoring false, misleading and contradictory facts of the case purposely to bring false charges against Keith Carnes. 

The detectives presented false eyewitness accounts within the statement of probable cause  and presented the tainted probable cause statement to the Judge to obtain arrest warrants for Keith Carnes and to obtain Search & Seizure warrants for his home and property.

The detectives utilized statements from witness they knew according to

investigative facts had provided contradicting false eyewitness accounts.

 The detectives failed to execute  an arrest warrant on the key eyewitness  in the case. The key eyewitness  during the time of her questioning  had an active

capias felony warrant for her arrest. The detectives took the key eyewitness statement then released her without

executing the arrest warrant.

The detectives in the case committed  Class D Felonies as they violated Mo. State Statute  575.180.1  which is a failure to execute an arrest warrant.

These detectives have not been held accountable for their corrupt acts of police misconduct by the administration of the KCPD neither has the Jackson County

Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker  prosecuted the detectives for their felonious acts. 

A second Witness in the case had a felony warrant for her arrest and testified under oath the KCPD detectives did not arrest her after they questioned her. The witness under oath stated the detectives released her after questioning transported her to her destination and upon the detectives departing they gave her money.

The detectives failed to bring murder charges against a suspect who was named by an eyewitness as one of the assailants with a weapon chasing the victim along side of Keith Carnes. This suspect only faced Federal charges for owning the murder weapon and was never charged with murder in this case. This suspect served 5 years in Federal prison for admitting bringing the murder weapon to the crime scene and owning said weapon however, he was never tried in court for acting in concert with Keith Carnes.



Please touch in agreement with Keith Carnes in prayer as he petitions the Lord for his vindication from this wrongful conviction and his release from prison. Please also keep his family members, legal team and the members of his advocacy team lifted in prayer.

Philippians 4:6 

Please support the KC Freedom Project as they continue to pursue the implementation of a Conviction Integrity Unit in Jackson County Mo. and offer pro-bono investigative services. They need your support by your attendance at their rallies, forums and public meetings. 

Please help Keith Carnes by giving to his legal defense fund. He has a private attorney as counsel who so far has done an excellent job representing Mr. Carnes in his criminal matters. Currently Keith Carnes has depleted all of his legal funds and is in need of additional funds to continue to fight for his freedom. Please go the donation tab above and give a love offering  towards his legal fees. 

Thank you in advance for sowing  your financial seed in Mr. Carnes life.

May the Lord return your seed a hundredfold.

Mathew 13:23

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Fox 4 News coverage


Fox 4 News coverage



If you would like a member of Keith Carnes advocacy team to contact you please feel free to send a request through this contact form as one of his advocacy team members will promptly respond to your correspondence.

Remember through Christ all things are possible.

Thank you for your contact and have a blessed day!